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Joss Gistren, fellow Hong Kong ex-pat: It really is like Disney world. But every now and then, the veneer would slip, just a bit.

You might think that explosive discovery would land treasurer Kissel in a New York City jail. Somehow, from somewhere, he came up with the cash and paid back those missing millions. But instead of contemplating his misdeeds, in 2003, Andrew Kissel was dreaming up more schemes and playing more dirty monopoly with other people’s money. Half way around the world in Hong Kong, his younger brother was worrying about a killer pandemic and his family’s safety.Sadly, it seems Rob Kissel was sweating over the wrong assassin.Dennis Murphy, Dateline correspondent: So it has all the resort amenities? The tragedy is you can actually live at Parkview and not have to leave... Close friend Hillary Richard vacationed with Nancy and Rob during those years. Along the way, in 2000, Merrill Lynch wooed Rob away from Goldman Sachs, making him its top man in Southeast Asia.American Joss Gistren has lived at the Parkview for years. but understands the initial giddiness they would have felt in this shiny new world of limos—world-class shopping and endless pampering. Gistren: What you find is that the husbands are never at home, even the ones that don’t travel. If the move half-way around the world had put stress on the Kissel marriage, she says, Nancy didn’t let on—quite the opposite. Rob, the golden son, was doing the Kissel family proud. Brother Andrew was on a roll with his investment firm, buying and managing commercial properties around New York.Chamberlain: To be honest with you, frankly, I couldn’t imagine that someone in our building would steal from us. Eventually, the rest of the board caught on and demanded answers from their treasurer.

But if Kissel was a financial whiz, it seems he was also a master of the con.Though Richard does admit that, every now and then, a sudden, unpleasant streak would show itself.Richard: She was one of those people who had the ability to basically cut someone out of their lives completely, entirely, absolutely...Williams: With people he was a little bit a little bit shy, I think. Dennis Murphy, Dateline correspondent: Did Andy have to work a little harder at being liked or likable than Rob? Yet, New York neighbor Roz Lichter says Rob Kissel never lost his down to earth style. And Nancy would kind of look at me and roll her eyes and say ‘money.’ Hillary Richard, friend: She had a lot of clothes.Lichter: One day she was wearing this great beaver coat. Elizabeth Lacause, Nancy Kissel's friend: We would just be in the neighborhood and, you know, ring the buzzer to see if they were home. And it was obvious that they had just had an argument. She had a lot of shoes; she had a lot of nice stuff...Rob, Nancy and their two children, a three-year-old and an infant, packed up their stuff, said goodbye to friends and family.