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Milwaukee's Best Massage transcends traditional massage by creating a total sensory experience that begins the moment you step inside.While most massage providers and franchises offer a strictly technical experience, focused strictly on manipulating muscles, we make each session better by combining traditional Swedish massage with a proven touch therapy known as energy work.

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In a world increasingly fixated on pain relief, we dare ask the question, "Why does it hurt?

" and we use our knowledge of the body's energy systems to get to the root of the pain and release it.

These works—including clocks, tableware and vessels, cabinets and larger furniture pieces, and intricately tooled metalwork—are renowned for their virtuoso displays of craftsmanship and use of precious materials.

The clocks alone constitute the best collection of German Renaissance clocks anywhere outside of Germany.

Our therapists will restore your body, mind and spirit to a place where real healing can take place.

With a history dating back to 1888, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection includes nearly 25,000 works from antiquity to the present, encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, video art and installations, and textiles.

Petullo, a retired Milwaukee businessman, built his collection over a span of three decades, acquiring works by the most important European and American artists in the genre.

The Petullo Collection’s strength is in European self-taught art and represents the most extensive grouping of this work in any American museum or private collection.

The Michael and Julie Hall Collection reveals both the traditional roots and individual creativity of folk art from 18th-century colonial America through the work of self-taught artists such as Bill Traylor, Edgar Tolson, Felipe B. The Milwaukee Art Museum is recognized internationally for its outstanding collections of Germanic art beginning with the René von Schleinitz Collection of 19th-century German and Austrian painting and decorative arts.

Among the painters represented are Franz Seraph von Lenbach, Carl Spitzweg, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, and Franz von Defregger.

Works on view include the earliest surviving American-made chair; 18th-century Philadelphia furniture carved by "the Garvan Carver" and others; American and English ceramics; Chinese export porcelain; and American silver by Paul Revere.