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Each message includes the recipient's name, the word 'video' and a shocked emoji, followed by the link The virus makes Facebook Messenger users send a hoax message to all of their friends.Each message includes the recipient's name, the word 'video' and a shocked emoji, followed by a malicious link.Most computers, phones and tablets have a built-in activity monitor that lets users see the device's memory use and network traffic in real time.

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It can trick you into downloading more adware, which will fill up your phone with spam adverts.

Users who click on the link are directed to different malicious sites depending on their browser,' Bleeping Computer reports.

When it's set up, the system asks for a login and password just like usual – but then sends a unique numeric code to another device, using text message, email or a specialized app.

Without access to that other device, the login is refused.

Some users who click on the link are taken to a fake You Tube channel that is baited with adware.

If downloaded, the malicious software will cause you to send a hoax message and link to your Facebook Messenger contacts.

They should instead reach out to the person who sent the message and advise them to switch their account account credentials.