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Later the council also declared that marriage should be open and not done in secret as was customary.It was not until the wake of the 16th century that the Council of Trent required that betrothals be blessed and performed by a priest.

The rear of the backrest has sloppily painted yellow-pink vines and foliage with light blue middle swath. Backrest cover is decorated with a newly wed couple, dressed in village costumes. Back of a bridal bench from the Kravik farm, Buskerud. Decoration shows two fantastic animal figures (griffins?

Around them is a text in black letters from of Ruth, I, v. ); below them are three dragons that seem to join in the battle. A choir bench (cathedra) from Verne's Church in Stjørdalen.

When you type in 'Middelalder' (= Middle ages), 20553 photos are found.

It took some long evenings to sift through all these photos and save the interesting pieces of medieval furniture, tools and games.

Betrothal There were two stages in marriage in the middle ages in Western Europe. The betrothal was more festival than the wedding was.

Betrothals were early marriage contracts drawn between families on behalf of their children, who were fated to get married to each other.One side piece has a dragon figure with a human master on the inner side.The reverse of the same piece is smooth, due to weather deterioration.Most of the 'Middelalder' photos (I guess over 80%) concerned images of archaeological dig sites - not really interesting.Another large quantity concerned runic inscriptions on wooden sticks, also not so interesting for me.The sides are carved at the top as a fan ending in four circles.