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She must have thought I wasn't interested so she went straight up front and got in line. "Well thank you." She says as she turns a bit red in the face and smiles. She was caught of guard and moved up as the clerk asked her. As I walked out I could see she was letting her dog pee on a tree in the divider in the parking lot. I lean over and put my right hand on her car above her shoulder. "Ok well I could give you my number unless that was an invite back to your place?

I dropped what I was looking at and quickly made my way trying to get right behind her in line without her seeing me until I was there. " She smiles and turns a bit red again as she says.

"Wow what a cute dog." I said then asked "Is it a he or a she? The leash comes off and the dog runs down the hallway.With her back to me she hangs the leash over the half wall separating the front entrance from the kitchen.It ended when my job had me on the road again and I was no longer able to see Julie. It was all I thought about woman my age were for the time being of no interest to me.It had been 2 weeks since Julie and I were together. I was working local this week and started thinking I should join an online dating website. As I was walking back to the front of the store a woman caught my eye.Her hair was long down past her shoulders brown with slight red tinge to it. So I stopped as if I was looking at somthing across from where she stood.

Waiting for her to turn my way so I could see the front of her. As soon as she turned I was watching her but making it look like I was looking at a package in my hand. I thought she must of seen me walk by on my way in and she was waiting for me.

"let's get these off so you can put those sexy red heels right back on." she giggles and says.

"Ok I love these shoes to." I help her take her jeans off and she kicked them away.

I could see her still looking at me so I thought I'll get a look at her face and catch her checking me out all at the same time.

I looked up and over at her she was beautiful her face was stunning. As are eyes met she smiled I smiled back then she turned and went a few row's down the store totally rocking her high heels and swinging her hips as she went. As she watched me approach she put her feet together bent all the way over and slowly picked up her dog.

I step right behind her and put my hands on her hips as I bend down and whisper.