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Scenariusz powstał na podstawie historycznych przekazów związanych z rodem książąt pszczyńskich von Pless. Obaj razem z wycieczką oglądają stare kroniki filmowe z życia rodziny von Teuss.

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Z tym filmem mam po prostu tak samo jak z "Ziemią obiecaną"- jest to nieskładna, zbyt długa i pozostawiająca wrażenie ...

Saga rodu arystokratów niemieckich żyjących na kresach zachodnich, pokazana na tle przełomowych wydarzeń dziejowych. Spotyka Kazimierza, byłego sekretarza ojca, obecnie portiera muzeum.

In the '20s, during the Silesian uprisings, Prince's son Konrad befriends foreman's son.

In 1932, the Prince, now married to younger Marisca, becomes paralyzed and confined to wheelchair. In square brackets after each title there is the user-generated rating [our of 10], taken from which is the most popular Polish website about the cinema and movies.Shot in a quasi-documentary style, with a cast featuring not more than two or three professional actors, the absurd plot parodies life in the People’s Republic of Poland, reducing a weekend river cruise to a hilarious parody of the entire communist system. Boisko Bezdomnych English Title: The Offsiders Rating: 7.2 Year: 2008 Unfulfilled footballer and a current homeless inhabitant of the Central Station prepares homeless people to participate in the world championship. Zaklęte rewiry English Title: The Enchanted Districts (our translation) Rating: 7.8 Year: 1975 A teenage country boy starts working in a restaurant of the famous Pacific Hotel in the 1930s.His diabolical elder son takes over the ruined estate and unknown to his father becomes associated with Hitler's supporters. Książę pszczyński, Hans Friedrich von Teuss XVII, gości cesarza Wilhelma II.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.