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Nine episodes had already been reserved by the primary series writers.

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"Fire" was originally going to be the title for episode four, but the story and script was too big to be able to fit into one episode, so the producers changed it to become a two-parter called "Darkness" and "Light", therefore pushing all future episodes forward one slot. The back half of the first season aired on Friday April 2, 2010 on Space and Syfy.In Australia Stargate Universe commenced airing on free-to-air-TV on Network Ten from on Monday 14 December 2009, broadcasting the first two episodes: "Air (Part 1)" and "Air (Part 2)" as a movie-length premiere.Cooper as a spin off from its sister shows, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.The show has stand-alone episodes as well as multi-part episodes, and it also has more season-long story and character arcs running through every episode than any other Stargate series.ARQ does, and it keeps you guessing, it's unpredictable.

It was such a pleasure to watch, particularly because it's full of twists and turns and I challenge you to guess how it ends.

Everything I've watched from them turns out to be very good, which is amazing because I was beginning to believe that the era of movies is over.

It seems that nobody wants to make good movies anymore, CGI is king, and viewers are expected to like whatever is released by the greedy studios.

Syfy announced the series cancellation during the mid-season hiatus.

Syfy aired the remainder of season two consisting of the final 10 episodes which were all filmed before the series was cancelled.

The story is really gripping, and I liked the actors a lot, they really make it look realistic and believable.