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These Works could be eligible to be screened in a different section as part of the Exhibition.

2.- SUBMISSIONS 2.1 Submissions will be received from the release date of this Call for Works 2.2 You can send your screener through the following: a) Film Freeway submission via: b) Online submission: - All submission material (stills (300dpi), submission form, screener file, technical info, etc.) must be sent in a zip file to the email address: [email protected] If you send your screener online, please include link and password in the submission form. Authors are fully responsible for the rights of their works.

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7.9 Special mentions in different categories - Diplomas 7.10 Macabro will announce financial or sponsored awards for each competition.___________________________________________________________________________ Se establecen los siguientes premios: 7.1 Gran Premio Macabro a Mejor Largometraje Internacional– Estatuilla FICH Rojo 7.2 Macabro de Zafiro a Mejor Largometraje Latinoamericano – Estatuilla FICH Azul 7.3 Macabro de Plata al Mejor Director - Estatuilla FICH Plateada 7.4 Macabro de Jade al Mejor Cortometraje Mexicano – Estatuilla FICH Verde 7.5 Macabro de Ónix al Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – Estatuilla FICH Negra 7.6 Macabro al Mejor Cortometraje de Animación – Estatuilla FICH Violeta 7.7 Macabro Fantasma a película elegida por el público Macabro – Estatuilla FICH Blanca Todas las películas producidas entre 2016 y 2018 sin importar nacionalidad o sección podrán ser votadas para el premio del público.Guests of the festival have included names such as Stuart Gordon, Lamberto Bava, Luigi Cozzi, Ken Foree, Denis Paoli, Nick Zedd, Producer Rosalie Chilelli and emergent filmmakers like Mexican Jorge Michel Grau, Lex Ortega and new genre blood from Argentina, Hermanos Quintana and Javier Diment.Macabro: Mexico City lnternational Horror Film Festival establish the next awards: 7.1 Macabro for International Horror Long Feature Film – Macabro Red Figure 7.2 Macabro Sapphire Award for Latin American Horror Long Feature Film – Macabro Blue Figure 7.3 Macabro Silver Award for Best Long Feature Film Director – Macabro Silver Figure 7.4 Macabro Jade Award for Best Mexican Short Film – Macabro Green Figure 7.5 Macabro Onix Award for Best international Short Film – Macabro Black Figure 7.6 Macabro Animation Award for Best Animated Short Film – Macabro Violet Figure 7.7 Macabro Ghost Award for Best Picture selected by the Macabro Audience – Macabro White Figure.If you agree for your film to be a part of this project, please let us know in the submission form.

3.8 The Festival could invite films for the Competition Section.

3.10 The considered length for a short film will be from 1 to 29 minutes, credits included.

3.11 Medium-length films will be consider from 30 to 59 minutes.

3.4 Films spoken in a different language than Spanish will be screened with Spanish/English Subtitles.

3.5 Works selected for the official competition, must be sent in dates and formats previously agreed with the Festival Organization.

7.8 Macabro a Mejor película elegida por la prensa – Estatuilla FICH Bronce El premio será otorgado por los miembros de la prensa que estén acreditados para cubrir el festival.