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Yo no tengo otro oficio después del callado de amarte, que este oficio de lágrimas, duro, que tú me dejaste. , ¡boca atribulada y convulsa, en que todo se me hace plegaria! (then they get to kissing and babbling about it being the first of thousands… COPLASTodo adquiere en mi boca un sabor persistente de lágrimas; el manjar cotidiano, la trova y hasta la plegaria.

She won't find the courage to face him, esp if others like Isa and Dorofeo throw more mudd at her than it should be.

She asks him to keep it secret from the kids for now… and in Ana’s vocabulary all that means ‘easy does it’) He says you're right, ‘si, mi amor’. (AWWWWW) However, he wants to continue kissing and points out that there is no one around right now. Fernando kisses her cheek while putting one hand to the turkey’s neck to keep it away while they continue kissing… Later on, Ana is readjusting the brace boot for Sebas. Ana explains that her mom has some issues she needs to fix before she can be with her again. UA, I agree with you on the speculation that 'when he finds out' 'she will run'.

She is heading home to Agualulco near San Luis (San Luis Obispo? Leon is too serious for a woman of Fanny's age right now; Lenin just a jerk.

BTW, Lenin needs to take his arrogant self on a hike and get lost.

There were some great moments in this episode -- all together enjoyable. Do we take it that Jen is NOT going to take any of Nico's money if and when they divorce? For the pain and aggravation, I would take at least enough for a nicer pad to settle in, etc.

The kids will hate it but it will be defined as good for the baby, who Isabela can't care for herself. Weird for those of us in the snow belt to see all of those outdoor decorations on a green lawn.Leon thinks about the last step (proposing to/asking Fanny) Leon makes Mau agree that Fanny is sooo beautiful. It's one thing to enlighten and another to belittle and coerce for your own ends. And I really could hardly stand to watch Ana's obnoxious behavior at that competition and seeing it spread to the younger kids. I too felt like turning my face away from the TV at the loud cheering by not only the twins and Luz (understandable if they are not directed to some sense of bounderies) but Ana and Fernando as well? esp Fernando, who seems to be contagiated by Ana's lack of 'appropriateness' boundaries ...At Chicago, Ana is saying a speech on the mike, wishes merry xmas to everyone and special greeting to her dear Jenny, Johnny and all her co-workers. Now that they've watched her hoot and holler inappropriately at various public events, they think it's okay. a bit too far to the other extreme from the ' Don Hielo' 'square like a cereal box' that Ana criticized so hard at the beginning. Thank you Marta for the wonderful, thorough recap and the poem. I feel like Jen is using Jonny as her rebound guy so I hope they break up soon. Leon proposing after dating Fanny for only about eight months?