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It is somewhat peculiar that I singled Jill out from the cast, particularly since her part was typically small and restricted to a few scenes in an episode. Of course, I adored the series lead Elizabeth Montgomery.

After all, what 10-year-old child, unless utterly devoted, writes for a school assignment a recipe poem (remember those?

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Indeed, Jill was probably best known outside of her native Canada for playing adman Darrin Stephens’ (Dick York) girl Friday, Betty, on the series. Long before that HR nightmare Murphy Brown, it seems that Mc Mann & Tate Advertising had a niggling problem with secretary turnover, but didn’t want to go so far as to hang the expense of a new desk nameplate.Jill’s Betty appeared in 10 episodes from 1965-1969.Interestingly, often her character’s surname differed: with Betty Schaeffer, then Willis, and then Wilson arguably giving Liz Taylor a run for her money.One came about through her partnership with one of the show’s writers and script consultant, Bernard Slade, whose actual name is Bernard Newbound.) about a woman who had played a witch 20 years previously, and who was now busying herself starring in TV movies as vicious nurses, domineering mothers, and serial killers?

But I’m often drawn to the co-stars and featured performers.

After Hours TV series, Bernard Slade, Bewitched, Bill Aylesworth, Canadian Television 1950s, CBC Canada, Christopher Newbound, Dick York, Elizabeth Montgomery, Frank Peppiatt, General Motors Theatre, Gordon Pinsent, Jill Foster, Jill Foster actress, John Aylesworth, Laurie Newbound, Love on a Rooftop, Mac Laren Advertising, On Stage TV series, Paul Almond, Peppiatt & Aylesworth, Same Time Next Year play, The Big Revue TV series Jill Foster’s daughter, writer Laurie Newbound, has announced that her mother passed away peacefully on March 24, 2017, “shortly after midnight, at home surrounded by love”.

I was first drawn to Jill after watching her on reruns of in the early ‘90s.

Peppiatt remembered a friend’s ex-girlfriend named Florence Hancock, who had starred in a production of – you know, the Judy Holliday part. Rehearsing the skit in Peppaitt’s mother’s basement (I won’t ruin for you how they managed to put Frank’s Superman costume together; CBC didn’t yet have a costume department to furnish the outfit), as well as another skit where Florence would play a gun moll, Florence allayed the men’s fears about their abilities to memorise the lines.

She also brought along her new guy, Bernard Newbound, to help cue the trio during rehearsal.

Unfortunately, they both let me know that Jill declined.