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Venus Williams may have lost the Women's Singles at the 2016 Olympics, but she is still one of the greatest athletes on the planet.

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I decided to revisit the topic of Venus Williams‘ boyfriend not only because of the newly-launched WTA Players and their Boyfriends/Husbands series, but also because I haven’t completely followed up on the news regarding Venus’ love life.What I’m saying is that we did write about Venus’ long-time pro golfer boyfriend Hank Kuehne, but we skipped to mention their breakup of now already two years ago.Whether she and Pis are still quietly going strong, or the couple has gone their separate ways, Williams' life is crazy full.If she is dating, then I hope her partner has as much energy and love for life as she does, because Williams is unstoppable.The couple was seen holding hands and kissing each other while walking through the corridors of Arthur Ashe Stadium. Sources are not sure whether Venus and Elio are still with each other.

In the year 2010, Elio completed his graduation in Psychology. But most of them feel that they have broken up, and Venus is concentrating on her career.Anybody who is dating Venus Williams knows that they are dating one of the queens of the sports world.However, it is believed that the tennis star is currently single and not dating anybody. They met each other back in the year 2012, when Elio modeled for Venus’ fashion line, “Ele Ven.” After their first meeting, they were often spotted together spending time with each other, and rumors hit that the two were dating.Whether she is still dating Elio and are going strong, or the couple has gone their separate ways, Williams’ life is crazy busy.If she is dating, then we hope they stay together and walk down the aisle soon.When she is not tweeting about tennis, she is sharing news about Ele Ven or letting her sister Serena know how proud of her she is.