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Ivana Milicevic is a beautiful actress with slim and tall body.

Her measurements are classic banana body type with flat belly and smaller breasts and hips.

Ivana was born April 26, 1974 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia but they immigrated to USA when Ivana was only 5 years old.

She played on movies such as Enemy of the State, Frankenstein, and Casino Royale, just to name a few of them.

Milicevic weighs 134 pounds and wears 34A bra size.

As Anastasia on TV show Banshee, Ivana showed literally everything from her slender athletic measurements. Check out also measurements of Rachael Taylor, Adrianne Palicki, and Freida Pinto.

I’d rather go to this party than stay at home and work on this audition I have the next day.” I’ll never know if I would’ve gotten that part but I lived that awesome night and the costume was a big hit! I don’t remember ever having an opportunity to play anything like Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone, not that I would’ve known what to do with it then. You see zillions of women exactly like you everywhere. I was such a kid for so long, I just wanted to play fun, cute women.

When my friend Kristen Zang and I were 16, being models, we really thought we were the answer to everything. Even my part in Mind of the Married Man, one of my first breaks – it was still light. I now get to play things that I wasn’t ready to play back then.

The stunning Milivecic sat down with After Ellen earlier this week to chat about some of her intense fight scenes on the second season of the show (which begins tonight), what we won’t be seeing while her character is in prison this season as well as gay roles being in her future.