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[Consider Fortune 500 execs, athletes, and performers.] Why in the world are these people still working?They certainly can retire, RIGHT NOW and not have to work again?It’s not really a Pro/Con, since we’re both pretty much in agreement, but I hope to give you two perspectives on each of these subjects. I guess the idea is that because the state government paid some portion of your med school tuition and Medicare dollars were used to pay your salary during residency that you cannot retire early.

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But they keep asking, piling on the guilt any time I say no.I am, at this point, known for being a terrible, selfish sister because I won’t take care of their dogs.And finally, is this just a thing I need to get over and stop being annoyed at (people are always going to ask for favors you don’t want to do, and you’re always going to be considered the bad guy if you turn them down, too bad, so sad, stop complaining)?“Yep, I did, but you asked me already knowing that I don’t want to pet sit for you, ever.Turns out, that was just an excuse to ask me in person to pet sit for 4 days while she and my other sister went to Vegas together for a holiday vacation.

She knew I wouldn’t be able to say no in person, and she was right. I guess I have a few questions for you and your commenters: Am I in the wrong for turning them down just because I do not want to pet-sit, when they’ve offered to pay me and I do have the free time ?

First of all, the state government didn’t pay any of my tuition.

The military paid the whole out of state tuition bill. They demanded that I be at their beck and call for four years.

After residency, I was at their beck and call for four years. Since your state government contributed an even smaller fraction of the cost of your education then the military contributed to mine, at most you might “owe society” 1-2 years of time practicing to fulfill that “debt.” More importantly, what are the real inputs to making a doctor and how many of them came from government/society?

While there is the cost of tuition, and there is the cost of a resident’s salary and benefits, those pale in comparison to the other inputs- the doctor’s efforts and the prime years of that doctor’s life.

4) I am an extremely high strung (or anxious) person, and being in a constant state of panic (did pet just eat something they shouldn’t have!? What if their collar slips off while I’m walking them!?