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Sean Penn happened to be on the movie lot when Madonna was filming her Material Girl video, and was intrigued by the singer.She was just about to become a global superstar; he was minor Hollywood royalty, a Bratpack actor who promised to become something more.Penn insisted on privacy and became so enraged by the media helicopters hovering during their vows that once the five-minute ceremony was over, he returned to the house, came out with a gun and started shooting.

Stormy: Madonna and with Penn in 1986, says he destroyed her with all his drinking, moods and addiction to pornography Penn wanted an open-air ceremony and chose as the venue the Malibu home of friend Kurt Unger.

Madonna wanted to have an official photocall and would have been happy to pose in her strapless white wedding gown.

He then dated Charlize Theron and popped the question in December 2014; they called off their engagement this past June.

Madonna, meanwhile, has had several high-profile romances since their divorce, and married Guy Ritchie in 2000. Last year, Madonna defended Penn in a lawsuit claiming that the actor is abusive toward women.

Madonna, by all accounts, was screaming at him to stop being so crazy. Penn went on to pin a gatecrashing photographer to the ground.

After two months, they had their first big row over Madonna's desire to attend a peace rally.Madonna, 57, brought her children David and Mercy with her to the event, and an eyewitness tell Us Weekly that Penn, 55, personally escorted her into the building.Later, to close out his speech about the importance of raising awareness to help those in Haiti, the Gunman actor called the "Rebel Heart" singer to the stage.“Everywhere he went, people just — the crowds just parted, and it wasn’t because he’s a movie star and it’s not because he was carrying six guns. The pair were married in 1985, but called off their tumultuous relationship four years later. Penn has been spotted at Madonna's concerts in recent years, and introduced the iconic singer to his daughter last year.It’s because he put his heart and soul into this and with the help of so many people around the world and in this room,” she said. Since their split, Penn married Robin Wright in 1996, though the pair got divorced 14 years later, in 2010.It's patently a recipe for disaster.' They were married that August, with Madonna at the peak of her early fame.