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(So, what about the “vowed friendships,” solemnized by publicly professed vows culminating in the Eucharist, for same-sex “friends”?

Thus, you can take that forms the heart of monastic life and spirituality.Moving through the purgative, illuminative, and unitive “ways” toward the fullness of Christian perfection and intimate union with God in this life forms the foundation of St.The love that is “eros” is a yearning or desire to receive another whose self-gift “completes” (rather than “repeats”) our own self-gift. Thus, eros has literally This eternal perspective on genuine and spiritual friendship also has nothing to do with forming “exclusive” relationships with other persons; the New Homophile acceptance of “chaste, gay couples” is clearly excluded from what St. “Friendship is that virtue, therefore, through which by a covenant of sweetest love our very spirits are united, and not the “couple”: If one were present …whom you loved as yourself and by whom you would not hesitate to be equally loved, would not everything that previously seemed bitter turn sweet and delicious? Isn’t it true that the more friends you possessed of that kind the happier you would consider yourself? This is that great and wonderful happiness we await. The true and eternal friendship that begins here is perfected there.Here it belongs to the few, for few are good, but there it belongs to all, for there all are good.First, we’ve just noted that “exclusivity” is not a feature of spiritual friendship.

Second, as mentioned above regarding the temporal vows of of friendship is superfluous to the meaning St.Such a perfected and consummated friendship in this life is indeed rare, and it’s only achievable by the “good,” St.Aelred says—those “who within the limits of our mortal life live sober, upright, and godly lives in this world.” Progress toward the consummation of spiritual friendship is possible for the “good” who are also willing to devotedly pursue Christian perfection.Perhaps that’s enough to make their friendship “beautiful”—but what makes a friendship Rewind the clock back beyond World-War-II Morocco to a twelfth-century Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx in North Yorkshire, England, and you’ll find an answer. Aelred, now known to some as the “gay abbot of Rievaulx” and author of a notable work titled Well, no direct evidence at all, actually. Aelred had same-sex attraction, thus causing some “gay-friendly” organizations to refer to him as their patron saint.Enter those whom readers will recognize as the “New Homophiles”—they, too, are partial to St.Aelred’s writings that favors the experience of “spiritual friendship” among those with same-sex attraction. Chief among the errors of the New Homophiles’ views on St.