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The INTRAW project consortium is pleased to announce the release of a new brochure presenting three scenarios for the world of raw materials in 2050: “Unlimited Trade”, “Sustainability Alliance” and “National Walls”.

Read More »The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), in partnership with the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI), is hosting its 2018 National Conference in Winnipeg in July 2018.

Please click here for more information on Bill C-243 and how you can help support the Bill as it approaches debate in the House of Commons this month.

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Read More »Canada’s universities welcome changes to the Express Entry system which will make it easier for international students, researchers, and academics to become permanent residents to Canada, and enhance our reputation as a welcoming and diverse nation.

Read More »The Faculty of Engineering’s Access Program (ENGAP) is thrilled to announce that Kyle Monkman, a 23 year old Metis engineering student has won the Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award (MAYAA) for the Senior Academic category, and Emma Gillespie, a 17 year old Metis engineering student from Selkirk has won the MAYAA for the Junior Academic category.

Read More »An important national HR survey of Canada’s mineral exploration sector has lunched on April 12.

It is a joint initiative of the mining industry sector council (Mi HR) and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

Geoscientists Canada is involved on behalf of the profession through participation in the project’s Advisory Committee.

Read More »A report titled "Access to Engineering Education in the Province of Manitoba", produced by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Engineering Education Task Group, is now available on the Association website.

All professionals involved in city and community building are invited to join planners from across Canada in dialogue about the core issues that shape our communities. Read More »Project submissions are being sought for the 2018 Prairie Wood Design Awards.

Nominations are welcome from design firms, individuals, and communities with accomplishments in wood construction.

Read More »The Planning Property and Development Department has launched an online occupancy permit search tool.

This feature enables members of the general public to search properties by civic address in order to obtain information related to issued occupancy permits.

The current by-law booklet has been likened to a "renovated house" – many additions have been put on over the years and now the old homestead is in such poor shape that it needs a "total makeover."Read More »The Engineers Canada Qualifications Board has approved two new guidelines: the Guideline on Returning to Active Practice, and the Guideline on Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship for Professional Engineers.