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“Last week they thought you died in a tragic car accident, remember? ”Harry looks at you for a bit longer before finally nodding and leaning back again. ”Harry chuckles as he settles back into the leather seats. C'mon you’ve got to admit that the idea of me being your girlfriend is pretty crazy.”Harry sits up again, looking intensely at you. ”You look down, suddenly uncomfortable by Harry’s gaze.

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“I thought so,” he whispered, bringing your hand up to his lips before leading you to the car that was waiting for you. “Um…” you shifted in your seat by the window of your hotel room, “okay…but what’s with the sudden desire…? Your compelling argument has convinced me.” He grinned at you as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your lips against his. ” Harry asked, finishing the signature and handing it back to the fan before walking over to the group of reporters. “Around noon.” “That’s funny,” Harry smiled, “because I was with Y/N for the whole afternoon yesterday, and I’m pretty sure C/G/N left for Los Angeles yesterday morning.” That shut them up. ” “Yeah…” You pulled his face to yours, kissing his nose, “Niall James Horan, you are too cute.” “Yeah…well…” He was cut off when the bus shook, causing you to topple out of the bunk, but Niall saw it coming. Niall had somehow made his way underneath you, keeping you from landing on the hardwood. ” A light went on, revealing you and Niall in a compromising position. Zayn: “We’re taking a shower together.” You looked up from your book, startled by the sudden command, to see your boyfriend of two years standing by the bathroom door, in all his naked, chiseled glory. Take your pick.” You giggled at his humor, closing your book and putting it on the table beside you, “Alright. “But they don’t.”“Well they don’t know anything.” You giggle. “They’re gonna keep bothering us until we admit it.”“But we’re not dating.” You point out.“I know that.” Harry smiles. about adding to the story at one point but ultimately never did.

Unlike All There in the Manual, however, this new information is not released as Word of God with the intention of being added to the Canon.

Dating Niall Would Include: *Niall writing a romantic song about you *hearing his laugh everyday *him buying gifts for you on tour *him cooking for you *Meeting the boys *visiting his family *You wearing his tank tops *baths together *him cuddling with you *him saying dirty things in your ear while out in public *you sitting on his lap while watching television *him using his Irish Slang when mad or upset about something *dying his hair blonder once in a while *him saying 'I love you' everyday *Him turning you on when he gives you the look.

This was a request I received about two days ago, and it is also my last request on my list…so I need requests, Lovelies! Once you were in the backseat, Harry pulled you close to him, pressing a loving kiss to your lips, “Thank you, Love.” “For what? He grinned before leaning in again for another kiss, “For being strong and believing in me.”Liam:“You’re lovely, Y/N,” he whispered against the column of your neck before pressing a kiss there. “Just hugging my idol,” he whispered against your ear, his sunglasses hitting the side of your head. ” He shrugged, not bothered at all by his lack of clothing, “I just want to. “You’re wearing too much for a shower, Love,” he whispered, pulling away from you.

You look out the window, millions of thoughts running through your mind.

Dating Harry Styles Would Involve: -Cuddling -Jaw clenches and eye rolls when a boy flirts with you -Hanging out with the rest of the boys -Holding and kissing your hands while out in public -Love bites, to show the world you are only his.

Occasionally something that was removed survives in another part of the series, then it is Refitted for Sequel.