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She worked naked with her bosses permission one to two days a week.She was always nude at home, even if they had company.Ginny wasn't surprised when Mike said that he approved of her working nude.

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"You two know that I am very submissive and that you have participated in my submission and humiliation but I believe that I need more, particularly in the area of humiliation. Tomorrow you will report for work naked and you will be punished by us or anyone else we select, not because you were bad but because we want to punish you. Yes, I do." That night she told Mike of the conversation in Scott Hughes' office. I said that I was and that we discussed it in great detail.I have spoken with Mike and he wanted me to talk to both of you. You will sexually service us anyway we want or with others within the company without hesitation. I told her that whatever the two of them subjected you to, or whoever they involved in your submission, that it would be acceptable." "Mike, I am really glad I have your support.Mike wanted to know what he could do to give her the humiliation she desired.Ginny explained that anything he had done in the past was wonderful and wanted to continue all of them, including being forced to be naked in public, but that she wanted more intense humiliation.She reached into her pocket and pulled out two clips and attached them to Ginny's nipples causing Ginny to wince. We'll keep those on until Scott comes back from the warehouse. Oh, and whenever you are in one of our offices, you will kneel like you were when I came in. Kathy came to Ginny's desk and removed the clips, rubbing Ginny's nipples as she removed them.

"Go to Scott's office and see if there is anything he wants.Mike and Ginny talked about the experience and as the days passed, there were less and less comments made about that night.But Ginny told Mike that her needs seemed to be growing; her need to be punished, displayed and humiliated.Now, hold your tits up." Ginny took her hands from behind her neck and placed them under her nicely shaped 34B tits. "Yes, ma'am." Ginny returned to work preparing the days shipping reports.Kathy reached down and pinched the offered nipples until they were hard. The clips had been on for over an hour when Scott Hughes returned to the office.In the past she would strip and sit at her desk and begin work, waiting for Kathy Bossert or Scott Hughes to call her to one of their offices to be spanked or to service one, or both, sexually. I know we have shared experiences in the past but you are not only a trusted employee but a friend.