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And when you do reply late, don’t make an excuse or give an explanation for your late reply.

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And the funny thing about text game is that it can sometimes be easy to come off eager even without realizing that you’re doing it.For example, texting a girl a bunch of boring questions, sending long-ass replies to her single word texts or hounding her with repeat texts when she doesn’t reply are all signs of neediness that a girl will catch onto.Let’s be honest, no matter how fun your text convos with a girl are, your goal should always be to escalate things so that you finally meet her in a physical location.This is why you should always remember to escalate your interaction.Some sample lines you can try out when initiating the conversation: One of the primary goals of early text game is to get a girl to remember the feelings of attraction that she felt when she first met you, and one great way to do this is with call-back humor.

Something I always like to do when I number-close a girl is to give her a funny nickname.I have to admit it; I’ve always had a love-hate type relationship with text-game.On one hand I’m really an analog type of guy so any sort of communication that involves a keypad and a screen tends to annoy the shit out of me.So I set to work on re-engineering my text game and understanding how it’s different from any other form of game. First things first, there’s an old adage that you should wait at least a couple of days before texting a girl for the first time. People move at such a fast pace these days that you really don’t have a couple of days to spare after meeting a girl and texting her. You’re better off striking when the iron is hot, so to speak, rather than waiting a few days to seem “cool” or “aloof.” In fact, the only time I’ll ever wait than a day or two to text a girl is if there was nothing particularly special about the interaction that I had with her.And attractive women in particular have so many options available that you really can’t afford to leave a window of opportunity for some other dude to sweep in and act faster than you were willing to. In these types of situations I try to use text game to create a completely fresh interaction.The chances are that you had her, but you bored her with being too available.