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Showering, shaving her legs, getting dressed, putting on the sexy, crotchless knickers Martin had got her for Christmas. Becky pulled Hannah round and pushed her on the bed on her back, and began sucking her tits. 'Yes, yes Miss oh please, please lick my pussy, please! Becky smirked and pulled down Hannah's underwear, then plunged her tongue deep into her pussy and began licking it up and down. 'Yes, oh yes right there right on my clit you're gunna make me cum so hard on your face, yes! He glanced over his computer, out of his office door, most of the office had left for lunch.

'Ummm...fuck,' Hannah moaned, 'Yes, just like that.' Becky began to slide further down Hannah, and began kissing her thighs and Hannah moaned even more. He closed the door and sat back down, caressing his dick in his pants and taking it out, rubbing it.

Hannah bent down first, her face in Becky's pussy, licking it and spitting on it. ' She groaned, bouncing harder and faster, her large tits jiggling up and down.

She then stepped back, out on leg up onto the bed and thrust the cock deep inside Becky's dripping pussy.

Greeting him with a smile and handing him one of the cups they proceeded in together. Becky undid her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor. Becky began undoing Hannah's shirt and unveiled her firm, large tits in a lacy white push up bra.

'Do you mind if I leave the office on my lunch hour today? 'I've got a few things to take care of.' 'Of course,' he replied. Then she unzipped her skirt and let in fall to the floor.

'Now remember what a bad girl you are.' 'Yes Miss.' 'Well it's your turn to make it up to me.' 'How Miss? She grabbed Becky by the waist and spun her over into the scissor position.

' 'You're going to do my like my husband won't.' Martin looked back at the screen. He has wanted to fuck her for ages but thought she didn't want it. They both moved with each other, the dildo deep inside Becky, Hannah put her hand on Becky's clit above the strap on and began rubbing it hard. 'Jesus Christ, fuck me, fuck me harder, you bad girl.' Becky pushed Hannah off her and back onto the bed on her back, the strap on sticking up.

'No problem.' That morning dragged on, Martin had some cases to look over and kept checking back on Becky via the security system he had installed in their house. He often caught Becky masterbating in the day with her vibrator or dildo he had bought her, Becky was unaware of the cameras and Martin decided to keep it that way, but she hadn't done it in a while. Hannah was wearing lace white underwear with white stockings and heels.

As lunch time came Hannah began packing her things and left the office whilst Martin got out his pasta salad and carried on his cases, his security cameras up on his computer, he watched for a while as Becky got ready. Both woman stood there, one in red, one in white, then they embraced.

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His wife, Becky turned over on her side not looking at him.