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This tests the underlying hardware and software, directly and individually, to obtain an accurate assessment of how well Failover Clustering can be supported in a given configuration.The Validate a Configuration Wizard or the Test-Cluster Windows Power Shell cmdlet enables you to run a set of focused tests on a collection of servers, networks, and associated storage that are planned for use as a failover cluster.

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Cluster validation is intended to do the following: Microsoft support policies are also described at the Microsoft Support website.

The following lists describe scenarios in which hardware validation is required or is useful.

Enter each cmdlet on a single line, even though they may appear word-wrapped across several lines here because of formatting constraints.

The following example runs all cluster validation tests on the nodes named After the Validate a Configuration Wizard has completed, the Failover Cluster Validation Report displays the results.

Microsoft customer support might ask you to investigate or address the issue if it appears to be directly linked to something that you are troubleshooting.

When you look for problem areas (warning or failures), in the test results summary, click an individual test to review the details.Similarly, if a network test that is related to IP addresses fails, consult your network infrastructure team.Not all warnings or errors indicate a need to call Microsoft customer support.To begin the process of adding hardware (such as an additional server) to a failover cluster, connect the hardware to the failover cluster.Then run the Validate a Configuration Wizard, and specify all servers that you want to include in the cluster.The tests in each category are listed at the time you run the Validate a Configuration Wizard.