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He is also aware of Italian traveler Pietro della Valleā€˜s comments on the unmatched skill of the people of Sagar in making the best mango pickles.

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The flipping structure of the lifting scheme can be recognized to reduce the longest critical path.CSD based structure is demonstrated with only adders and free of multipliers.Sometimes, when he is in the mood he asks customers, who have come for the pickles, to reveal their date of birth, year etc and predicts their future.At times, he may even ask them to show their palms.DWT has a huge part to play in image processing applications.

The standard image coding JPEG 2000 has adopted DWT as its transform coder due to its advantages over other transforms.Such execution requires huge arithmetic calculations as well as storage.Therefore it is not favorable for high speed or low power image processing applications.The plates then compress the breast for an instant for taking the X-ray image.Both breasts are compressed to a thickness of around 6 cm and X-ray images are taken perpendicular to the plane of compression [1].In the existing method, memory efficiency is achieved with less speed.