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Gli episodi durano circa quaranta minuti e i titoli riprendono sempre i titoli di canzoni più o meno famose.

La colonna sonora, basata su una selezione di brani di gruppi indipendenti, è un altro punto forte che caratterizza la serie.

She's survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, and - most recently - a plane crash, but can she survive what happens next? Shawn and Juliet's life together is crumbling around them because of a horrific turn of events that leaves Shawn different. 15 of the virtual season posted by and under the name of the Bonesology Writers Collective, titled Bones 6.5: The Satisfaction in the Summer. Set season 5 -post 'you jump, I jump, jack'She didn't know why they did this.

[Season 9 AU]Something happened to Shawn when he travelled around the country, but he never told anyone. As Juliet tries to heal him, and their marriage an old face reappears and death threats begin. THANK YOU to every one who has left awesome reviews, favourited and alerted my fic, it means a lot to me. Chuck decided to makes some changes in his life after she left. In this, B&B continue to explore themes of dominance and submission. When he finally reappears, will things ever be the same again? It just started and became some sort of unspoken ritual. SPOILERS FOR THE PREMIERE: Sweets and Daisy are not broken up in any way,shape or form or if they are,they suck at it.

Most chapters rated T, but rated M for a lotta booze, a little language, a dash of violence and a touch of sexuality. Or when all else fails, will Neal need Dani's help? Never mentioning her name and never showing her to the gang. "One day," Booth promised Christine, kissing the photograph, "Daddy's going to bring you home." Temperance picked up her daughter and never looked back. Why didn't he keep in touch like he had in the past? Settling back into her old home and work workplace, with her old co workers, including Jackson, is harder than she thought, especially when there's secrets involved! But even as she said it, she thanked the CIA training that made her a world class liar.

Set between "Chuck vs The Other Guy" and "Chuck vs. But she should have known that nothing would ever stop him from coming after her. " The name slips past her lips for the first time in years.story takes place during season 6 sometimes after Doctor in the Photo - Brennan deals with the aftermath of a traumatic event with Booth's help. And can those who care about and love him, accept that this 'new' person is really their Shawn? After almost dying on a mission one too many times because of their emotional issues, Casey decides to do something about the most annoying romance in his life and proves what lengths he's willing to go to for his country. When she came back, and heard Morgan's idea for a magic kiss, she almost lied again, and said it worked. NSFW you've been warned After an incredibly embarrassing sex!

Once a new killer comes out, Shawn discovers just who exposed his secret, and ruined his life. *COMPLETE*"It is impossible to strive for a heroic life. Booth receives a disturbing text in the middle of the night aboout Bones - will he be able to find her in time? Will this guy really kill her, or is it just a bluff? If Sarah only knew the things Chuck would do to her so instead of dwelling on his fantasies Chuck decides to act on his impulses. This one-shot is a tag and aftermath for episode 4x04, 'Parting Shots'. Just filling in the blanks to "The Hole In The Heart." chapter 1 is Brennan "crawling into bed with Booth" and chapter 2 will be her conversation with Angela after Hodgins leaves. Romance/Resolved Angst Behind his desk wasn't a place most of his employees looked for him, unless they expected to find him much as he was now, feet up on the desk and a half-full glass of scotch sweating a ring onto the glass table top it rested on.

This story starts after Booth and Brennen's first case, not Cleo Eller, the one before that, as covered in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole. The title of hero is bestowed by survivors upon the fallen, who themselves know nothing of heroism." Does Meredith Grey fit the criteria? Every character- Shawn, Gus, Jules, Chief, Lassie, and Henry are whumped to the extreme when they are kidnapped by the insane killer who is a member of a dark religious sect. Just my spin on things, rather smutty in the first chapter. Logan and Rory spend a summer with the Life and Death Brigade. Will their love blossom, or fall prey to the challenges they must face?

"My heart goes out to Amelia, because she's in so much pain.

My heart goes out to Owen, because he's obviously going to be in so much pain.

In episode 9, Amelia left Owen with a note reading: "Don't make this all your fault. However, this was a shock for Amelia as she is scared to have another pregnancy related trauma.

In episode 6, she confessed to Alex about her baby boy born without brain, which lived for 43 minutes.

Grey's Anatomy season 13 will not return this Thursday (24 November) as the show is on a brief hiatus after its mid-season finale.