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You don’t need to give references to absolutely everything. Find out what reference style is generally used in your field and use it consistently throughout your thesis.

A direct quotation reproduces someone else’s words exactly as they were written or spoken.Remember that direct quotations must either be enclosed within quotation marks or indented (depending on their length).If you have a long quotation including some irrelevant parts it might make sense to exclude some parts.This has to be marked clearly with for example three dots in square brackets […] or regular parenthesis (…). (ellipsis), whereas parenthesis is used for longer exclusions.Your list of references (or bibliography) is placed after the main text of your thesis.

It must contain all the details needed to retrieve the sources referred to.

If you are refering to a part of the source, your citation should indicate which part of the source you refer to by using pagenumbers.

The different styles of referencing may have varying practices concerning the use of pagenumbers, you should adhere to the usage in your field.

There are for example standard abbreviations that are commonly used in citations.

Below you will find some examples of direct and indirect citations using the Harvard style.

To follow correct referencing practice you need to mention the source in the text and provide complete information about the source in a reference list (sometimes called a literature list or a bibliography).