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In 1989, the Princess famously confronted her at a party thrown by Lady Annabel Goldsmith at her home in Richmond.‘Camilla,’ she said, ‘I would just like you to know that I know exactly what is going on between you and Charles.

I wasn’t born yesterday.’For her part, Camilla was furious that Diana should have made such a public scene. She’d soon realised she could feed stories to the newspapers herself, using them as a way of punishing her husband, while controlling what they said about her.

My father, Sir John Junor, a powerful newspaper editor and columnist, fell soundly in love with her. She’d soon realised she could feed stories to the newspapers herself, using them as a way of punishing her husband, while controlling what they said about her.

She is pictured during her famous 1995 Panorama interview Two years later, the Princess agreed to be the prime source for the book about her life — Diana: Her True Story.

When it was serialised in a paper and later published, it caused a furore.

"; "She didn't get the joke"; "I just don't get him"get, catch - grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of; "did you catch that allusion?

"; "She didn't get the joke"; "I just don't get him"collect, compile, accumulate, amass, roll up, hoard, pile up - get or gather together; "I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife"; "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis"; "She rolled up a small fortune"baseball, baseball game - a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!

"witness, see, find - perceive or be contemporaneous with; "We found Republicans winning the offices"; "You'll see a lot of cheating in this school"; "The 1960's saw the rebellion of the younger generation against established traditions"; "I want to see results"Occasionally he would stop; and in the midst of a breathing stillness, that the dull but increasing roar of the waterfall only served to render more impressive, he would listen with painful intenseness, to But it was a comfort that there could be no uneasiness in a connection with anything so beatific as the radiant image of my little girl, the vision of whose angelic beauty had probably more than anything else to do with the restlessness that, before morning, made me several times rise and wander about my room to take in the whole picture and prospect; to watch, from my open window, the faint summer dawn, to look at such portions of the rest of the house as I could me, and when at last they closed me in at one corner of the field, one caught me by the forelock, another caught me by the nose and held it so tight I could hardly draw my breath; then another took my under jaw in his hard hand and wrenched my mouth open, and so by force they got on the halter and the bar into my mouth; then one dragged me along by the halter, another flogging behind, and this was the first experience I had of men's kindness; it was all force.

By the end of 1986 — the time Camilla came back into Charles’s life, initially as a platonic friend — Diana had already produced an heir and a spare.

There’s no doubt that Diana adored her children, but in the last few years, she had seemed to lose sight of what was best for them.

She had made no attempt to hide her mood swings or her tears from her young sons, and she encouraged them to meet the men friends who came to the house.

No solid, dependable family to keep her feet on the ground.

She was allowed to believe her own publicity, which is dangerous for any superstar.

Significantly, sufferers can appear to be happy, even spending their lives trying to help others.