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My husband used it when him and a friend went to Las Vegas for a week as a birthday surprise from me - as I chose to use a non Club La Costa hotel (MGM Grand!!! The only downside I would say, is that a lot of their own accommodation and resorts are not really designed for young children - more older people or young couples... Obviously using the non Club La Costa accommodation gives you more choice and many of those are family friendly!

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I reckon I would be prepared to sit through a 2 hour presentation and then say no to everything if we were getting a week for 30 all in.

But like they say, 'there's no such thing as a free lunch! i'll give you as mich info as poss as we used to be members of Club la Costa...

firstly, overall yes they are trying to sell you a type of timeshare..reading now if the thought of that terrifies you..

but although we're no longer members (i'll explain further down why), its not all bad news...

the 'free' holiday is used to entice you into attending their 'presentation' evening, designed to get you to purchase a temporary membership... although that may now have changed - we did have to pay an admin fee of 29.50 per person, plus you have to pay for specific extras - they will give you a 'choice' of 4 destinations - you will get what they give you though, and you have to select various dates you can go - and you'll be offered one of them (you can only select date in the school holidays) - if you want to fly from a specific airport, require extra baggage etc then you have to pay more - so all in all, for some this may end up being a cheap holiday, for others it wont.

at the presentation, they talk through the way it works...They asked me to confirm our household salary, so I said I would need to check with my husband this evening.They are going to call me back at this time tomorrow, so I need to know what I am delaing with by then.) in one of the specific Club La Costa locations - we chose Cornwall - this is to show you the quality of the accommodation they have to offer.. Our free 7 day Cornwall holiday ended up being just 2 days as I was in so much pain! depending on the package you buy, you can 'borrow' points from next year, or save them up year after year..The point of the second free trip is to show you the quality of their own accommodation and hopefully for them, to get you to possibly sign up with a 'proper' membership! if the above costs have made your stomach turn, then I'd shut your eyes for the next bit!!! or you can pay the extra cost of the holiday in cash if you're short on are effectively buying time to use on holidays - its not like the 'old school' timeshares where it was just one location you can go to - these have over 200 resorts worldwide that they own themselves, and are affiliated with RCI (the 'original' timeshare business), giving you the choice of thousands more destinations/hotels etc.