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Then meet me in the bedroom.” He frowned, but decided he’d better do what the little lady said, as he has been neglecting her too much lately. When he got to the bedroom, the lights were dim; there were candles everywhere, and Barry White, serenading them.

He half expected her to meet him wearing that blue teddy or el natural. She just walked over to him, leaned into him, placed her arms around his neck, and brought her lips down on his. “John, tonight it’s her turn to give you a sensual massage.” He was about to protest and have her do it another night, because he was exhausted, but she was already unbuttoning his shirt.

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“She straddled his hips, distributing her weight evenly so it wouldn’t cause him any discomfort.

She leaned forward, brought her lips down on his right shoulder, kissed it softly, and then moved to the other.

Sit down, I’ll get you a plate.”“Aww, you sweet angel, you are too good to me.”All through the meal he wondered what she had on her mind, but just couldn’t figure out what.

He helped clear the dishes, and then went to walk into the den to read the daily newspaper.“Ah not so fast buster, I need you to turn off your cell phone and put it on your desk, as tonight is our night, and there will be no interruptions.

She moved up next to his face, and placed a knee on each side of it, and looked down at him.

“Close your eyes." With her thumbs against the center of his forehead, she made little circles in rows from just above his eyebrows to the top of his forehead.

From there she stroked the area between his eyes, easing out the deep furrows.

Next she did his temples, moving with a feathery touch, to his ears, jaw, and his neck.

She told him to kick off his shoes, and helped him remove his pants.

There he stood in only his underwear, and socks.“Now darling, lie down on your stomach, it’s my turn to make you feel better.

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