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Heartbeat escalating, searching down the list, she finds his list of passwords for his sites.

Another exhale, another deep breath, still eyeing her own every calculated motion, the movement of her knees, her thighs spreading apart, she hesitates, just briefly, almost teasingly.

Nibbling on her lower lip, again spreading her legs a little further apart as her butt cheeks flatten across the stool she exposes her vaginal area, the smooth, puffy folds of her labia spreading, scraping across the cloth covered surface as her knees point outward in opposite directions.

All victims being women, all good looking, at least she thinks to herself, hes straight, not into kinky things with men, thank god.

Feeling a sense of embarrassment, yet strangely drawn toward the various, mostly forced poses, the further she enters the various sites, the more she can Several sites, all rather universal in their similar sadistic tastes, finally one jumps out above the rest, startling, one that seems to be from some type webcam download.

Raising her hands above her head, bending her elbows, letting her arms stretch upwards, outwards, slowly bow back behind her head, she casually interlocks her fingers behind the mask as she finally takes another breath, to again hold it in as she focuses her image filling the monitor.

Curling her body even further outward toward the computer, forcing her firm breasts to harden even more, jaunt tightly outward as they spread toward her sides, the nubs of her thickening nipples jiggle to a standstill.

Stepping toward her bed after retrieving her favorite sex toy from the dresser, sprawling across the covers, she lays back, thinking of the reaction to her escapade as she spreads her legs, closes her eyes, slides the vibrating toy with a single thrust deep inside her moist slit, replaying in her mind the circumstances that led her to perform for the webcam, how it will be received.s switch.

The computer already on, the screen instantly comes to life.

Allowing the vibrator to continue to gently whir, still snuggling in a semi-fetal position, thinking of the poses on the video, she closes her eyes, relaxes, thinks of how she could pose too, also how to conceal her identity while doing a video.

Fantasizing, feeling the steady tingling between her thighs, she cups her breasts, gently massages the flattened nipples Awakening to the steady patter of raindrops across the windowsill, a damp bed sheet beneath her thighs, the motionless vibrator still burrowed deep inside her, she slowly rolls over, spreads her legs, removes the glistening plastic tube, drops it on the bed as she notices the clock on her radio, nearly noon.

Inhaling a deep, deliberate breath she hesitates, glances toward the webcam above the computer, the red light blinking on.