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Seems like everyone who dares to disagree with you is nasty troll.Life must be hard.[quote]Please stop arguing about rape & Rapelander.I cannot understand why he doesn't have something announced yet. I would think a studio would snap him up for something. Let's hope this show doesn't get renewed so he can seriously consider other roles.[quite]Even Gabaldon called him "grotesque." He is. I saw that detail included in an interview with White and it was actually phrased "he's 40, but frequently mistaken for 25."Sam just seems like one of the good guys.

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They should replace director Meytin something with Anne Forester. Caitriona's facial expression was terribly bad acting. I saw a clip of Money Monster and she was just okay. R71 She's very much into promoting and helping women which is admirable, but I guess not when it gets in the way of a job. All these actresses want to portray strong characters which is fine, but I think in a lot of instances they are projecting and believing they are those characters which is laughable in most cases. Looks like Sam thinks that liking this kind of tweets about Caitriona, makes him look straight in front of his dumb fangirls. Heughan is too good looking to not be shown naked as much as possible.

It's like they spent so much time on costumes and sets (which are admittedly astounding) that they neglected the story. I hope things will get better, when they return to Scotland. I never got the hype about Woody Allen myself so I don't get why people are foaming at the mouth to work with him. I can't find the article where they "promised" a full frontal from Sam, but judging from the sex scenes this year it won't happen.

I can't read him at all argh He's ambitious and probably struggles between wanting fame and privacy at the same time.

Sadly, if he comes out he probably limits his ability to get offered straight roles, even if he's proved he can play them. R119 Matt Bomer is doing just fine, why wouldn't Sam?

I would love for Sam to be the new Bond, but I can't see it happening. Gossip sites don't write about him being gay, there's no candids of him, nobody wants to know, where he lives, nobody isn't even slightly interested in the fact, that he isn't and wasn't in a real relationship with a woman. Except me and some of you people here and a couple of fangirls.

Sometimes I have a feeling he secretly wants to be in the spotlight and on gossip sites or even get caught with a bf on a beach somewhere.

It could have passed for the WEDDING NIGHT episode, FFS. It wasn't, it's just you.[quote]Rapelander's[quote]rape scenes[quote]BDSM porn[quote]SEX and not VIOLENCEYou should write a couple of long angry tumblr posts about rape and BDSM to ease up your fixation. Oh well there's always Aidan Turner,as you guys would say Woof!

But it is in the US and in the movie industry, so I don’t think anyone was shocked or upset that he’s decided to closet. It’s like Luke Evans 2.0.'[quote]That's not a "controversial sex scene," [R7]. shot that homosexual rape and torture scene to look like a romantic, sensual love scene. They could have done it in black and white, with a kind of stark expressionism, to show that it was not consensual sex between gay men but brutal torture at the hands of a sadist.[quote]was SHOT to look like it was romantic and sensual, which it clearly was.

Can we just focus on Sam, his gayness and his insane body?

Oh, and the fact, that he should totally come out?! Sam and his gayness -and hotness- is the topic of this thread. Will there be any official things Sam will attend in the near future? I'm obsessed with them as a couple, sorry everybody. His major audience is horny middle-aged women but I can't imagine him playing believable straight character in modern times. I'm reading Edmund White's latest novel, Our Young Man, and though the protagonist is French, black-haired, and hairy, I've pictured Sam throughout.

He probably can't sustain a relationship with a woman because he's hiding the fact, that he likes men. If he liked/dated/loved/fucked women, he would just say "I took her there/we went there and there" etc.