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Pond grade are specifically selected for algae control.These predominantly female tilapia have been selected for their slow growth rate.

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We are the only hatchery, open to the public, that offers graded tilapia fingerlings to both commercial and non-commercial farmers.All of our tilapia fingerlings are raised indoors, away from disease-carrying insects and birds.This keeps nuisance vegetation such as algae, water meal and duckweed as their primary dietary choice much longer.We recommend 1000 pond grade tilapia per surface acre for algae eradication.Well sell 10 tilapia for as low as with free shipping!

Be sure to explore each drop down list to find the quantity and price that's right for you.They will grow to over one pound and will be ready for harvesting in approximately seven months.Blue tilapia are recommended for all fish farming purposes and are the only tilapia that can be raised economically anywhere in the US due to their natural tolerance to colder water temperatures.Aquaponics point: You can put 73 pounds of tilapia in a 275 gallon IBC tote and 88 pounds in a 330 gallon tote.You'll find quantities of 70 and 85 tilapia, intended for these tote sizes, in the drop down lists above.Aquaponics grade are specifically selected for aquaponics systems.