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For example, she could learn that if all her smiles were added together they'd stretch for over 180m or that she shares a billion atoms with Catherine The Great. Some of the world's top illustrators, designers, photographers and all round amazing artists have crafted some of their best work for this book, which has made it look so drippingly beautiful. You simply enter their name and date of birth, that's it. We've received thousands of comments from people already about how amazed/happy/delighted their loved ones were with their personalised book.It poses the question, is it morally correct for something to be so easy and yet so good? Every page is personalised to them, drawing on facts and figures from painstakingly researched databases going back 101 years and randomly pulled together by bafflingly clever computing. If they don't absolutely love it - we'll refund you 100%. These details allow the website to build a beautifully designed 50-page book stuffed full of interesting facts, strange statistics and curveball miscellany – all filtered through a satirically nostalgic glance back to the day the person was born. The ‘author’ can then personalize their book further by adding photos and dedications.

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Seven great reasons to use The UK Sponsorship Database Seeking sponsorship for sport?

Following criticism from the parliamentary intelligence and security committee a spokesman for Facebook said they “do not allow terrorist content on the site and take steps to prevent people from using our service for these purposes”.

Families of victims of terrorism in Brussels, Paris and California are taking legal actions in American courts against Twitter and Facebook claiming that the companies had failed to stop violent extremists from using their platforms.

But civil liberties campaigners, social media firms and technology analysts hold that measures like encryption were essential not just to prevent unwarranted state prying into lives of people but also to ensure that hackers and criminals are prevented from gaining access to personal information.

A judge has ruled in Josh Duggar's favor after a California DJ had accused the reality star of stealing his photo to use on online dating profiles, Daily can reveal. Beaudet tossed the defamation lawsuit out last Thursday ruling the documents were filed in the wrong state.

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A fabulously original personalised book perfect for the girlfriend who appreciates great design, the mum who deserves something special or that hard-to-buy-for wife or sister.

Each book is packed full of original illustrations and artwork, well written prose, and a bunch of wonderfully weird facts and figures all unique to them.

Not only are we conscious of representing the work in the best possible fashion but The Book of Everyone is a gift for special occasions and the team does everything possible to have it delivered on time, every time.