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At 11 p.m., the doors close and no one else is allowed inside.

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I get a small taste of this later in the night, when Amira kisses my neck and suddenly I feel cold, wet lips on mine and open my eyes to a man I’ve never seen before slinking away.

And while I’m going along with it all, I also feel gross at having been kissed before I had the option to say no.

It’s a chilly Saturday night in mid-October, and I’m in a darkly lit townhouse in Fitzrovia at a sex party for Killing Kittens, the famed London-based club that was designed explicitly for what the founders call the “sexually elite.” This was my first-ever sex party.

Sex with strangers — especially lots of them — is not really my thing.

A blonde woman with enormous breasts is making out with a curvy redhead as a petite brunette goes down on her while a man fucks her from behind, holding down her hips with one hand while massaging the breasts of the another blonde with the other, and so on.

On a T-shaped couch, dozens of naked bodies are kissing and thrusting like a sexual assembly line.If the orgy gods deem you worthy you can buy tickets–which are usually £40.00 for girls and £160.00 for couples– to one of the sex parties that take place roughly twice a month in London.The location is always a nearly empty townhouse (often provided by members or rented through Airbnb), but it changes every time, and the address is sent to you the night before the party.But it seemed like a fascinating experience, so when a friend invited me to go during my holiday in London, I breezily accepted. First, you have to apply via the site, upload some photos, and list your profession.Sex parties aren’t exactly a new concept, but KK has a certain mystique because it’s a known brand that prides itself on exclusivity. The vetting process is one of the things that distinguishes KK—that’s how it promises a safe environment full of attractive individuals instead of a cavern of lecherous creeps.“The term ‘sexual elite’ more relates to the high flying hedonist,” Emma Sayle, the CEO of KK, told me in an email when I asked about the vetting process.Amira had just pointed out that the whole place was actually really quiet, apart from the ambient music.