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Running parallel to this drama, Clare was verbally abused by a 16-year-old girl who wasn't happy about the way my daughter had spoken to her younger sister.

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We live in an affluent village in the Home Counties.

My daughter is in her first year at a high-achieving comprehensive school with an outstanding Ofsted rating.

All of the above happened via her Facebook account.

I know every insalubrious detail only because one afternoon she accessed Facebook via my mobile phone and then forgot to log off - inadvertently allowing me to remain logged on as her and giving me admittance to her online life.

But for a girl of 16 to be so aggressive seemed entirely inappropriate.

Every instinct urged me to reply, making it clear that it was an adult who was responding, rather than the child this little madam was trying to intimidate. Almost immediately, some of my indignation was replaced with dismay as I read what my own child had posted in response to the threatening girl and her sister.As an additional safeguard, I made sure her privacy settings for the website didn't leave her vulnerable. Once in a while I'd peer over her shoulder as she uploaded photographs on to her page or erupted into giggles over a daft joke being shared among her friends. I began to wonder what all the fuss had been about and left her to it.In fact, had curiosity not got the better of me when I first realised I had an opportunity to sneak a look at Clare's account, I might still be thinking the same.Stay away from my sister or you'll have me to deal with.'I couldn't believe what I was reading - not least because the author was a 16-year-old girl I knew, who should have known better than to use such threats.I didn't doubt that Clare probably had been less than pleasant towards this girl's sister - they've been vile to one another time and again over the years, as children often are.But this hadn't stopped kids with loyalties to the two sisters sticking their oars in, with one recommending another give Clare 'a slap'.