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And I was recently on the PCH, as Californians call that highway.

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And then there was a comment I once heard a stand-up comic make: “I recently joined a charitable organization. They’d probably order surf and turf — and an extra entrée to go.

But the lure was intense when I read more of the press release: “The luxury dating site encourages members to upload photos of their luxuries: arts and culture, autos, aviation, boats, electronics, food and spirits, home decor, jewelry, leisure and real estate.” And then there were the endorsements from people who are said to use the site.

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The first was Groucho Marx, who famously said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” Groucho apparently reveled in his riffraff-ism, as I do on most occasions, especially if it gets me out of wearing a suit.

Would I want to be a member of Millionaire even if it would let me in? Imagine what an easy mark I’d become if those hungry women thought I was rich.

Check it out.” Hell, I have a house near the Jersey Shore. I did buy a couple of prints from a guy standing outside Madison Square Garden the other day.