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I'm pretty sure Excedrin doesn't make a "Doggie style sex injury headache medicine" so keep your shit safe. It'd be cool to not have to go to Beyonce Yoga Dance Blast tonight. The prints went really well at Emerald City [Comic-Con].

In January of this year, Adult Swim animated the entire comic as a channel identification interstitial.

"This Is Fine" is unique as a meme for two reasons.

Here's Dwyane Wade taking a very expensive doggie for a walk ...

a canine-shaped designer man bag and it costs a FORTUNE!! and the designer is Thom Browne (who also makes man bags in the shape of penguins, turtles, whales, fish and boats). Wade is wearing the bag out in Paris -- where he's been on a fashion-driven trip with his wife, Gabrielle Union.

Second, it’s still climbing in popularity and usage, despite now being nearly two years old. I think I was still struggling with myself — with getting my anti-depressants and stuff right. I was actually in Seattle two weeks ago for a comic show, and I decided, alright, I’ll print out some prints of this one, and I made "Dick Butt" stickers. Everyone recognizes it and says, "I’ve only seen the top two panels.

To unravel what gives "This Is Fine" both relatable and timeless qualities, we spoke with its creator. You know, every now and then you have these off days where shit is worse, but you’re trying to ignore it. I wrote this comic and that was all there was to it. Oh my gosh, there’s more to this comic." I had some kid come up and shout, "Memes! " Is it weird or difficult that, at its most popular, your creation is essentially freely available?

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One, while sometimes modified, it's most commonly used in an unaltered state.

On Twitter, for example, someone might write some troubling news and attach the image.

Like if I wanted to, yeah, it probably could if I pushed it more, but I’m still making comics of my own.