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Naturally, I started suspecting a virus, but a full system scan using Mc Affee produced nothing.If it was a DNS changing virus, would I not still be able to ping the router using the IP address?

dns not updating from dhcp-74

All third-party software’s and drivers are prevented from loading.When you select Safe Mode with Networking, apart from the basic OS files and drivers, network driver is also loaded so that you can go online. If the internet works fine, a third-party program installed in your device is responsible for the problem.I also tried static settings in the available range and tried using open DNS IP addresses.They also have a laptop which connects to the same router wirelessly using DHCP and it is working fine.Then I tried the diagnostic tool link that popped up in the webpage, which showed me DNS Server Not Responding Error.

After performing some troubleshooting, I was able to fix the issue. Sometimes the problem might be as simple as shutting down and turning on modem/ router.Hi, My parents Windows 7 PC has suddenly stopped being able to connect to the Internet.Using the "Diagnose problem" feature in the Manage Network Interfaces panel results in a message claiming that it cannot reach the DNS server and that the connection needs to be reset. It is connected to a DSL router via an ethernet cable.From the laptop, I can ping the router and running ipconfig shows that it obtains the same gateway and dns as the PC and the next available IP - 1292.168.2.11.So this leads me to believe the following:1- The router, NIC and cat 5 ethernet cable are working fine at the hardware level.2- The DNS settings in the router are fine, as the laptop works Perhaps coincidentally, the same day it stopped working they received one of those bogus "This is Microsoft calling" calls claiming their PC was infected, but they had heard of the scam and hung up.Check if your security software is configured properly especially the Firewall settings.