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As part of the Mahayana School, practicing with and for the benefit of all sentient beings is an important aspect of our regular meditation activities, most of which are open to all.

On the basis of special requests we may also offer additional meditation training or retreats.

Amida is the central deity of Japan’s popular Pure Land (Jōdo 浄土) sects and the ruler of the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss (Gokuraku 極楽; Skt. To followers of Japan’s Pure Land sects, Amida has eclipsed the Historical Buddha as the most popular divinity in Japan's Mahayana traditions.

From time to time when highly qualified and experienced teachers are available special teachings and blessings may be held.Consult our calendar for these and for special days for prayer and practice.To attend events at Karma Choeling or to engage in a personal retreat you may wish to stay at the monastery.Brief visits of a few days can be arranged through the manager but more extensive stays need to be negotiated with the New Zealand Karma Kagyu Trust.Amida is also one of the Five Tathagata of Wisdom, and thus appears frequently in the mandala of Japan’s esoteric sects, where he reigns over the western quarter and is sometimes shown atop a peacock or goose.

Famous examples of Amida art include Amida & Bosatsu on Clouds at Byōdō-in Temple (near Kyoto) and the Big Buddha statue (in Kamakura).

Follow that road until you come to the sign for Karma Choeling on your right , at Bodhisattva Road.

Karma Choeling is on the right., with a sign at the gate.

It aims to establish and maintain monasteries, temples centres and branches; to encourage and maintain an exchange of ideas, friendship and Buddhist principles with the New Zealand public; to appoint teachers approved by HH Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje; to hold and promote conferences and education courses; to operate schools for its members and / or their children and to facilitate the interchange of ideas and discussion.

The Trust is funded entirely by donations both financial and practical.

Also, numerous Jōdo Mandala & Jōdo Sanmandara depict Amida's paradise and the non-Tantric deities of Japan's Pure Land sects.