Demi lovato is dating

Page Six says the girl Demi was seen strolling hand-in-hand with is Lauren Abedini, a Los Angeles DJ who goes by the stage name Kittens.And they reportedly did more than just hold hands: I don’t think anybody is particularly scandalized by Demi’s choice of playmate, but it does beg an important question: Would you fuck your own doppelganger?!? I know young people sometimes like to share make-up and clothes, but you and your girl look like you also shared the same womb.

The interviewer says: “I know you talk at the end about being on dating apps and relationships, and I love what you said – that you’re looking for a human connection, and that doesn’t discriminate (between) men or women.

With a huge smile on her face, Demi replied: “That’s how I’ve always felt.” She did not label herself, so neither will we.

The woman who she was getting close to at Disneyland in Los Angeles was reported to be Lauren Abedini, a DJ and producer.

This excited fans, but Lovato has always resisted attempts to label her sexual orientation.

At one point during the documentary, the audience hears how “Demi was on a road to suicide” during a particularly turbulent period of the 25-year-old musician’s life.

Demi had also told fans that if they wanted to know more about her sexuality, they should watch the film.And then she addresses a question which many of her supporters have been wondering about.During its launch, the global megastar was asked by US show Extra TV about the revelations contained within the documentary.Yesterday, the "Skyscraper" songstress posted a sultry image of herself in a burnt orange one-piece, highlighting her deep tan and toned form.The 24-year-old posted the image, which captured more than one million Likes, along with the caption, "Don't know if it's physically possible for me to get any more tan...."Orange you glad Demi shared this sexy snap?!One photo was captioned, "So ready for summer" and another, "Why not?