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Dynamic DNS is a service to assign a fixed domain name to the dynamic IP address of your Android phone.

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If you connect to your telephony provider via a proxy then you will not be able to configure forwarding and dynamic DNS will be of little use, although with some providers you will be able to connect to other phones using the same provider.

There's a setting "Public IP address" which tells it not to set your dynamic address to be the IP address detected by your phone.

When you have a way to access your UTM from the Internet via a public IP and DNS record, you can make use of these features such as Web Server Protection, REDs, VPNs, and the user portal.

But in situations where your network is not guaranteed to always have the same public IP, it is not practical to manually update the public DNS record every time the ISP dips the line and the IP changes.

Since Sophos UTM is a full blown firewall, there is no reason not to forward all of the traffic to Sophos UTM’s external interface.

Once this has been done, inbound Internet traffic should flow through to the UTM.If you are on the same network as your Sophos UTM, the two should match. This section is going to be very dependent on the router you are using, but the fundamentals are the same.By default, your average DSL router will allow any outbound traffic but it won’t allow any inbound traffic initiated from the internet.If you're walking around the house and the Wi-Fi is periodically connecting and disconnecting then you'll still send a lot of updates and get banned, so disabling Wi-Fi updates should also help in that case.- you do not need to enter this, but if you need a different path then you can enter it. No-IP has a sub account feature that can be used to limit the access an update client has to your account. After boot it will continue in the same state it was in before boot.After a few minutes, you should be able to confirm that the record is registered by going to the following site