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I was unmarried, wasn’t dating and had no kids and still I often struggled to keep things moving as smoothly as they could’ve.

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I literally would dream about the show and even when I wasn’t at work, my thoughts were often consumed with making sure I’d communicated any necessary information to everyone who needed to know.There’s an added pressure when you produce live shows. I struggled with systems and my job needed lots of them.I wanted them to know that they were not the reason I was leaving.It was bigger than them and bigger than my own desires even.I never heard an answer that I recognized, but looking back now, I can see how 2015-2017 was a two-year long “yes.” Over the course of those 2 years, I had countless ugly cry fests on my 30-minute drive to work.

It felt like the end to me even though I had yet to share it with anyone. My last day at Daystar (March 1st) came just 4 days before our wedding day (March 5th).I know it’s whack to “blame” something on God, but just as clear as He’d told me to apply, I heard Him tell me it was time to wrap things up.There were many days I’d prayed and asked Him if I could stay longer.I looked at the positions available and applied for one I thought I could figure out how to do, “Assistant Producer.” I literally didn’t even meet the minimum requirements for the position. This means I would be working with the Founders and President of the network on the program that has been around the longest! ” I literally every day, even up until the end of my time at Daystar, felt like I was unqualified and ill-equipped for the job.In the meantime, I worked on moving back to Dallas and I waited… It would be 8 months before I heard anything back from Daystar. “Assistant Producer,” the stranger on the other end of the phone responded. “They need and deserve someone who knows what they’re doing!Have you ever had to leave something or someone you loved?