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Before you commit to a life with an adrenaline junkie, here are a few pros and cons to help your decide if it’s worth the risk.

Pros: Travel to beautiful places around the world Cons: Travel on a budget, with bulky luggage Surfing holidays in Sri Lanka, skiing in the Alps, free climbing in Yosemite or mountain biking in the Rockies.

As a woman navigating her 20s, I've tried just about every means necessary to nab my Prince Charming, but they all seemed to end with me sitting on the floor of my room, scrolling through old text messages with my gal pals and complaining about why nothing I ever did seemed to work. I was hesitant, but I showed him my social accounts, scrolling through my Instagram photos, showing off some photography I had done. The conversation flowed naturally, and we talked about everything from my anxiety to my father's cancer several years earlier, the death of a beloved pet to even an ex-boyfriend. The more I opened up to him, the more he seemed to listen to me and open up about his life as well.

In my opinion, being as open as possible with a date allows a more personal bond to form.Saying whatever came to mind allowed him to get to know the real me, with all my quirks and faults.I had been taught three crucial dating rules: lie, lie and lie some more. Maybe "faking it until you make it" wasn't cutting it anymore, if it ever was. So, with that in mind, I set out to create my own dating method -- an extreme honesty method.1. I told him I hated small talk, and instead craved something more, which intrigued him. As I drove to the bowling alley for the date, I repeated the rules over and over in my head, promising to myself I would follow through.Honesty when dating doesn't mean "Oh, I really have to fart," or "I don't know if you're my type."Honesty when dating means being real, talking openly about who you are and explaining how you feel.

It means letting the other person know what is going on in your world so he or she can also let you in.I had never before felt so comfortable on a first date.I showed him some of the writing I had done, and even the most personal pieces I had written.Remaining honest and even talking about taboo subjects such as exes, sexual histories and personal relationships didn't backfire like so many people say it will. And, in case you're wondering, yes, he did ask me on a second date.Ever dream about dating an extreme sports enthusiast?It's more like a romantic comedy, but without the romance and with most of the comedy coming from sad montages of me eating ice cream after a date gone wrong. I had only met him once, and had no idea what to expect. I told him I was nervous to meet him and had considered ditching, and he laughed. After proving to my date how bad I was at bowling, we sat down at a table for casual, awkward, first-date conversation.