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Another Thaivisa post here, exploring why a certain breed of expat feels the need to brag about — and possibly make up entirely — their past before they moved to Thailand.We all know a few people like this, usually spouting off from their bar stool about their dangerous life and accrued riches back at home.

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A great trip report in the Jakarta Post on Koh Klang, a tiny Muslim fishing village in Krabi province.This is a long way from the Krabi most of us are familiar with: alcohol restrictions, modest clothing, sleepy homestays, rice fields and more.There are plenty of examples of ‘expat bullshit’ in the thread if you fancy a giggle: we particularly enjoy the one about a man who lived out his last years in Thailand, bragging about his achievements as a Major in the British army, even writing an unchecked memoir on his heroics.In reality though, he “was known by the girls in the bars as ‘short time Brian’.” 📷: Another dog picked up by Animal Rescue Officer Khun Wanchai for sterilisation on the island of Koh Samui.(Above), as well as recorded its highest worldwide listenership in December 2016.

It will offer enhanced offerings as a dating and social networking site in 2017.

Includes exactly what you need, costs, where to go and expected time frames.

We were surprised at the pretty quick turnaround times — just be prepared to fork out good money for photocopies of every single page of your passport!

The poster is planning a holiday to Thailand in the near future and has been chatting with some women online as a way to “make contacts” before his trip. He stumbles across a promising 33-year old woman: she can’t speak English, has apparently never had a boyfriend of either Thai or western nationality and is “potentially a virgin”.

He, of course, heads to Thaivisa to see whether this online Isaan girl is to be trusted.

Thai Love Lines is Thailand largest dating site with over 330,000 members with users from over 194 countries or territories around the world.