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Be honest with yourself; if what you want and what your partner wants don’t align, then maybe they aren’t the right one for you?Don’t waste an exorbitant amount of time trying to change their mind. Loving someone openly and authentically means discussing topics important to you and your significant other. If you have marriage or babies on the brain it’s okay to share that with your partner, and it’s a good idea to make sure the two of you are on the same page regarding major life decisions.

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In your 20s, you may not feel the same urgency regarding your relationship status.Many young women and men are waiting longer and longer to take that leap into marriage.So, be open and be honest with your partner about your feelings.Any partner worth their salt will respect your opinion. Some things are worth the wait and others may require compromise.If marriage and family is important to you, then have that conversation with your partner up front.

There’s nothing more soul crushing than dating someone for years only to find out they don’t want the same things you want and feeling let down; or worse, like you’ve just sacrificed precious time on the wrong person.

Millenials are often too busy focusing on their careers, building wealth or getting out of student debt to even consider jumping into marriage.

Look up the statistics and you’ll find a trend of people waiting longer and longer to both get married and start families. And, it’s not to say some young people want to wait, either.

Among them, the biggest at play are typically age, and whether or not you want marriage and children.

If you want to get married and/or have a family this often impacts how long you’re willing to wait for someone to pop the question.

Then, waiting and dating longer feels comfortable and is the right thing to do.