Dating to relationship poem

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I'm through with love, done with chances Spirit crushed by past romances, Just be a friend in word and deed. For this I ask and nothing more." Agreement made, he took her hand And lived the life that she had planned, Always willing, not demanding, Aiding her with understanding He made her smile with humorous wit (As his restrictions would permit) And, bit by bit, she came to feel That he was more than iron and steel.

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Amidst my tears, I think I may have made a mistake all my life. Upon the stairway of despair, Complete with broken love affairs And promises that never came, But faded with a touch of shame, A pretty girl with golden hair And innocence so sadly rare, Strove to keep her head above A way of life devoid of love.

Feeling pinned against Life's wall, She chanced upon a robot tall And said, "Please come and share with me Whatever Fate has deemed to be.

Even though he was made out of steel he had a little trickl in his eye which was love.

And everyone can have love all they need is a little push.

What an insight into human nature; men are from Mars, Women from Venus! shirlthis poem is really really good this person deserves a good pat on the back for such an amazing poem.

If you can write about that facade that men have, then you can fix it! It looks right into my soul and puts my thoughts into words. just keep up the good work on your poems and hopefully one of these days you will have many of poetry books. I have been described as cold, heartless, and unemotional and oddly enough I am just the opposite.

Count yourself a well-worn shoe - A friend that I can slip into . Deep-set emotions you MUST feel Within that outer coat of steel! " The robot, indestructible, Continues freely and at will. THIS IS A GREAT POEM THE BEST IVE READ OR HEARD IN A LONG, LONG TIME. ive been in a relationship with a few guys who just dont show much emotion towards me. I AM THE ONE NOT ABLE TO SHOW ANY FEELINGS TOWARDS OTHERS BECAUSE OF A BROKENHEART.

" "If I were able, I would say I'm sorry I was made this way But my design and programmation Does not provide for that creation Of feelings normal men may feel That were not born of iron and steel. Emotionless, apparently, But, bearing closer scrutiny, One can see a small tear streak Down that cold, metallic cheek As I reflect upon my life . and it kinda hurts in ways but this poem was absolutley amazing. I really enjoy this site and the stories the poems tell. A LOT OF TIMES WE ARE UNAWARE THAT THERE ARE OTHERS OUT THERE EXPERIENCING THE SAME IN LOVE AND LIFE.

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They enjoy being active, leading a healthy lifestyle, travel frequently, are open minded, enjoy cultural…“I tell my clients to think of me as a well connected friend who can introduce them to other like-minded compatible singles.

here are so many people who cannot show emotions and feelings very easily. I have hated her all my life because of her coldness.