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(string) Confirms that the requester knows that she or he will be charged for the request.

Amazon S3 does not provide object locking; if you need this, make sure to build it into your application layer or use versioning instead.

To ensure that data is not corrupted traversing the network, use the header.

Documentation on downloading objects from requester pays buckets can be found at S3/latest/dev/Objectsin Requester Pays (integer) Part number of the object being read. Effectively performs a 'ranged' GET request for the part specified. Note that the outfile parameter is specified without an option name such as "--outfile".

The name of the output file must be the last parameter in the command.

If server-side encryption with a customer-provided encryption key was requested, the response will include this header to provide round trip message integrity verification of the customer-provided encryption key.

Amazon S3 never adds partial objects; if you receive a success response, Amazon S3 added the entire object to the bucket. If it receives multiple write requests for the same object simultaneously, it overwrites all but the last object written.

This can happen if you create metadata using an API like SOAP that supports more flexible metadata than the REST API.

For example, using SOAP, you can create metadata whose values are not legal HTTP headers.

For example, you can create a prompt that allows users to choose from a list of existing stand-alone filters to apply to the report.

Or, you can create a prompt that displays the Day, Month, Quarter, and Year attributes to users, so the user can specify the granularity of the report.

Object prompts enable you to provide versatile reports to users.