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GHS has an incredible atmosphere and instills a natural determination. We all want to do our best and are very self-motivated.

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Teachers are friendly and approachable, I know friends who have suffered adversity such as death of a parent, their parents divorcing or simply just having a hard time and have had huge support from GHS teachers who are extremely caring. She runs the school well and is efficient, however is disliked and has favourties.Our head of sixth form knew everyones names within a few weeks and always made an effort to talk to everyone in the common room regularly, she was so on top of issues and efficient. She is out of touch with teenagers as only had younger children.I am very sad to be leaving and honestly believe no school could have given me the education, friendships, ambition and opputunities GHS has.I feel GHS has made me down to earth and I have not lived in so much of a bubble as at other private schools, I know values and morals, I know in life you have to work hard to be able to play hard and to always strive for my best.The bottom sets are much smaller than the other groups so that we can get more attention from the teacher, though most subjects are not put into sets).

They want us to aim high so that we can achieve our full potential in life and be pleased with what we have achieved.

All the girls in my ear are very happy at Guildford High School and I encourage people to send your daughters there. All they do is try to puush children to the next level, giving them a taste of later life.

Date visited: Since September 2005My daughters love and have no probs. Date visited: 01/11/02As a parent of three daughters, who sent their eldest to GHS, I feel the need to spread to others an honest review of this 'Top School'.

If you are looking into GHS as a possible school for your child, I beg you to ask the question: Which is more important, your daughter's happiness or her academic results?

We are pleased to report the WACE results achieved by the Guildford Grammar School students of 2017 and congratulate them on their fine academic achievements reflected in these results.

A lot of her classmates also moved and she tells me they are all much happier in their new environment.