Dating old army photographs

Holding on to old and happy memories can be difficult if you don’t know when they happened.Sure, you might have a large collection of photographs to prove the veracity of their occurrence.Even though this seems obvious, the fact that the date may be there on the back often passes over our heads, especially if the picture has been placed in a photo frame or an album for a long time.

Details as simple as the shape of the collar or how one has tied their bow or tie can give you an update on the date of the photograph.Around the mid-1900s and just before 1910, shirts for men became more lengthy and "stiff" looking. If one were to wear a dress shirt, it would be extremely rigid in feel and look. Suspenders were very, very popular, especially among "country folk." Now, if you look very closely at the image below, you'll see exactly what we mean.With time, it can become easy to simply hold on to those special moments and forget all the minor details.However, if you truly want to immortalize every aspect of your special days, we do have some ways through which you can date your old photographs.So take your box of old photos out and start dating your pictures by following the tips below, courtesy of your friendly provider of photo restoration in Houston, Tx.

It’s very important to understand the history of photography if you want to date your old photos.

But this doesn’t mean you have all the details of your fun and wonderful times.

Now, before you start regretting your forgetful nature, understand that it’s not your fault.

Records with a discharge date of 1956 or after are non-archival and are maintained under the Federal Records Center program.

Non-archival records are subject to access restrictions.

Since such information isn’t always available online, you can use our knowledge to your advantage.