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Jerry Jacks, after Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 2007] Shootout with Lorenzo's men in the Cellar [Apr 2007] Engaged in a shootout with Jerry Jacks [May 2007] Murdered Lorenzo Alcazar [Jun 2007] Jumped bail to rescue his kidnapped son [Jul 2007] Threatened to kill Sam Mc Call after he learned she had witnessed Jake's kidnapping by hired goons [Summer 2007] Held Trevor Lansing at gunpoint after Trevor threatened Emily's life [Dec 2007] Murdered Dr.

Ian Devlin [May 2008] Burned down the Zacchara mansion [Jun 2008] Knew Lulu Spencer murdered Logan Hayes and aided the cover-up of his death [Jul 2008] Beat up two of Karpov's guards after they injured Spinelli [Sep 2008] Shot and killed three of Karpov's associates [Nov 2008] Covered up the murder of Claudia Zacchara [Nov 2009] Murdered Carter, the man who attacked Michael [Jun 2010] Assaulted former mayor Prescott Floyd [Dec 2011] Shot and killed Franco and burned his residence [Jan 2012] Arrested for the murder of Franco [May 25, 2012] Ordered two men to beat up John Mc Bain [] Delivered Joe Scully Jr.

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(half-brother; deceased) Emily Bowen Quartermaine (sister, via adoption; deceased) Skye Chandler Quartermaine (sister, via adoption) Dawn Winthrop (adoptive sister) Edward Quartermaine (grandfather; deceased) Lila Morgan (grandmother; deceased) Gail Adamson (adoptive grandmother) Tracy Quartermaine (aunt) Bradley Ward Sr.

(uncle) Jimmy Lee Holt (uncle) Edward "Ned" Ashton (cousin) Robert "Franco" Frank (cousin) Dillon Quartermaine (cousin) Faith Ward (cousin) Justus Ward (cousin; deceased) Michael Corinthos III (nephew; godson) Lila Rae Quartermaine (niece; via adoption) Herbert Quartermaine (paternal great-uncle) Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed) Quentin Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed) Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin twice removed) Steven Lars Weber (second cousin) Unnamed child (miscarried; with Courtney) Jacob Martin Spencer (son, with Elizabeth Webber; [Born: May 4, 2007; presumed deceased: Mar 18, 2011; revealed to be alive: Jul 8, 2015]) Daniel Edward Morgan (son, with Sam; Jun 1, 2012) Candy "Candace" Ducopolis (high school crush) Karen Wexler (dated) Keesha Ward (lovers) Robin Scorpio (lovers) Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks (one-night stand) Elizabeth Webber (dated) Courtney Matthews (lovers) Faith Rosco (kissed, but only because he was drugged) Carly Corinthos (kissed) Samantha Mc Call (engaged: Jan 17, 2005; broke up: Jul 2007) Elizabeth Webber (engaged: Apr 7, 2008; broke up: Apr 7, 2008) Samantha Mc Call (engaged: Jul 21, 2011) Due to his business, is involved in many "unscrupulous" activities Put on trial for Luis Alcazar's murder [Nov 2002 to Feb 2003; charges dropped] Arrested for interfering with the capture of Sonny Corinthos [Dec 2, 2003] Defied a court order; along with Courtney, took Michael and Morgan to France when a social worker arrived to take them away [Dec 9, 2003] Kidnapped Lorenzo Alcazar and held him captive [Jan 6 to Jan 19, 2004] Had Faith committed into a mental facility under false pretenses [Jan 20, 2004] Offered Samantha Mc Call one million dollars to leave Port Charles [Jan 29, 2004] Accused of shooting Brian (not guilty) [Feb 12, 2004] Killed Andy Capelli in self-defense [Feb 19, 2004] Perjury; signed a statement claiming that Andy Capelli killed Zander Smith during the Port Charles Hotel fire to protect Elizabeth Webber [Mar 10, 2004] Attempted murder; tried to throw Faith Rosco over the balcony of her hotel room [Mar 17, 2004] Attempted murder; almost murdered Lorenzo Alcazar but was knocked out by Courtney [Apr 12, 2004] Killed Nico, who shot Sonny and attempted to kill/kidnap Sam [Summer 2004] Attempted to kill Faith upon her arrival back in Port Charles [Summer 2004] Broke into John Durant's apartment [Summer 2004] Bugged John Durant's apartment [Nov 2004] Helped Sam elude police custody to clear her name in Kristina's kidnapping [Feb 2005] Carried out a hit against the Sandoval Family at Metro Court [Spring 2005] Shootout with Faith Roscoe and her men [Summer 2005] Arrested for the attempted murder of Manny Ruiz (never convicted) [Jan 2006] Controlled the Corinthos holdings during Sonny's breakdown [Spring/Summer 2006] Staged a bust for Lucky to help his career [Jun 2006] Shot a suspect and allowed Lucky to take the credit [Jun 2006] Killed Many Ruiz during a struggle on the hospital rooftop [Jul 2006] Helped Sam Mc Call evade capture after escaping from jail [Nov 2006] Attempted to kill James Craig, a.k.a.

While she was gone, Robin and Jason moved in together and raised Michael until Carly returned. They made plans to be together until Carly misinterpreted a dance between Elizabeth and Jason, and she retaliated by sleeping with Sonny. He returned briefly a few months later and learned that Sonny and Carly had entered into a relationship, and he gave them his approval.

Jason had arranged for her release, and she moved in with Jason and Robin. Jason returned about a year later and began dating Liz Webber. She had a stalker, and Jason helped determine the stalker was actually her husband.

She was a troubled young woman with an alcoholic mother and a secret life as a stripper in Sonny Corinthos' club.

Their relationship ended, and Jason found new love with Keesha Ward. from driving drunk, Jason got into a car with his brother.

In 1991, Jason returned home from boarding school and took his place in the family fold.

Before long, Jason became involved with fellow classmate Karen Wexler.

What began as a friendship turned into a deep and abiding love, but there was a complication: while Jason was falling for Robin, he was sleeping with Carly Roberts.

He eventually ended their affair but remained Carly's friend.

To appease Lorenzo, Jason and Sonny began running drugs through their operation, per his orders, all the while planning to free Carly.