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are the highest of any business school in the United States.The school has approximately 400 students per year in its full-time two-year MBA program.

So I have moved into that field Management consultancy as a profession: issues, institutional changes, intellectual challenges, the contribution of the profession to the development of society (member of the OOA, certified management consultant).My methods of engagement: In the Master for Business Studies: * Management Consulting, from solution peddling to conceptual innovation, that is management consulting for the 21st century.This dogma no longer applies in the informational economy of the 12st century.But in this era we lack the entrepreneurial great organizers to codify a new business administration. The familiar , dating from the sixties of the twentieth century and based on punctuated equilibrium, no longer applies.What we used to label strategy appears to be from a perspective of corporate finance and active shareholders simply tactics and economizing.

Usefull, but today corporate strategy is about grand strategy, about power play in the market.

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There are three Nobel Prize winners on the faculty, two recipients of the John Bates Clark Award, 15 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and three members of the National Academy of Sciences.

Its faculty members maintain several joint appointments with affiliated research centers.

Organization (re)design and changes processes at governance level and the level of business models, management processes, accountability, allocating decision rights, coordination mechanisms (self-coordiation, imposed coordination) Corporate strategy.