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Our amp section contains information about vintage Fender amps from the blackface and silverface era between 19.

We consider these amps the most versatile, robust and best sounding Fender amps.

What you need is pure, clean headroom and speaker areal.This is where extension cabinets come in handy offering a better stage monitoring.We play many gigs with smaller amps such as Princeton Reverbs or Deluxe Reverbs, and most times we enjoy cranking these low wattage amps.Our usual drummer is a careful and steady drummer who does not play awfully loud like some punk rock drummers.A general trend among players is to lower the clean headroom in large amps to get earlier break up and sweet tube distortion at lower volumes.

Smaller amps are tuned to increase the clean headroom allowing players to bring reasonably sized amps to small/medium gigs.

What we believe, by own experience and after talking to and reading several other player’s confessions – man often perform mods to prove to himself he is actually able to perform mods.

Man wants to confirm to himself he can alter the tone of classic tube amps.

But if your amp is a mint vintage peace of gear with high collector value, be careful and think through what you do.

Modding collector amps will most likely ruin the amp’s value – in this case it’s more affordable to sell it and rather get the a player’s amp.

They are simple and basic point-to-point wired amps with built-in reverb and tremolo.